Thursday, August 7, 2014

Union Jack Quilt

I met Miss Paula in Stitches, I believe, on IG....Any how through a little give away of hers I received two lovely little pieces of her embroidery handiwork. 

This one is just perfect for me!!  I Love it.

This is just awesome,,,,maybe some fall decorating is in my future!

This little card she sent along, my daughter and I collect Pooh, so this will go into our collection of "Pooh Stuff"!
Thank you very much Miss Paula!

I wanted to make something for her in return,,she doesn't quilt so I decided on something "quilted",,,,and knowing she loves all things British, I made her a Union Jack quilt for her "Britain Room" (She actually has a room just for all her British trinkets)!!!

I made it a little "Shabby", well because that's just my way!!

As you can see, this was after the snow melted but before spring really sprung...

I hand quilted it,,,

Rolled and ready to ship.

I used a couple of different patterns/tutorials I found around the web.   I found it trickier than I thought it would be, but I got it done and sent 3 months after I started,, yikes!!  But in the end Miss Paula was very happy with it,,,,,and that's what counts, right?!!!

Hope your week is going well,
Until next time,

xx' Kim

P.S.  I couldn't get pictures to sync or upload so it took a bit longer to get back here.

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