Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Strawberry Swap

This was another IG swap,,,hosted by @frampuna.  Obviously the theme was everything and anything 'Strawberry'!!  How fun is that?

This is what I put in the mail yesterday...

My partner said she likes Hello Kitty...

I just couldn't resist making one of these cuties!!

And a Strawberry Pincushion of course,,,,

My second go at paper piecing...Strawberries for a Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented

I love this bag, hopefully I will get one made for me LOL!!

And this is what I received from the Brandi @peaceofmequilts!!

Everything Strawberry!!  The hand soap is at my kitchen sink, the candle in my sewing area, the note pad next to my computer, and the candies are GONE!!! hehe

And not one but TWO awesome mini quilts!!!

Isn't the background fabric on this wonderful?  I LOVE it.  They will be a cute addition to my Wall of Mini's!!  I promise, when I get them all up I'll take a picture and post it so you can see them.
Thank you Brandi, nice to meet you and I'm enjoying everything so very much!

Until next time
Happy Stitching

xx's  Kim

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