Thursday, March 20, 2014

Quilting Fairies....

Winter has me in it's grip....So I keep trying to remember....

Every night I sit down to quilt away on my  'Oh So Blue'  quilt thinking,,,tonight is the night I will finish quilting it.  

Not only have the Quilting Fairies NOT finished my quilting...

See these last seven rows to be quilted???

Well I think those quilting fairies are adding rows to my quilt when I'm not 
looking,,,, it's taking me forever to get to the end!!!

When I do finally get done quilting this blanket, I'm thinking of using this 
raspberry color for the binding??
 (remember I'm de-stashing so trying to us something
I already have)  I love putting on the binding - maybe that is why I'm sooo

I'm still loving this blanket, using the bigger thread for quilting with longer
Kantha technique stitches has been a new experience, but one I'm very 
happy with.

Wishing you Spring Thoughts
Sunshine Stitches

xx's Kim

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