Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIP's - Wednessday

Ongoing, little projects that will be awhile before they are done but I love doing them....

I'm addicted to hexies,,,,I love these little 1/2" hexies - I'm making diamonds with them.  Even though I work on these at least a couple of times a week, there are only 10 completed so far.  

They will eventually be joined together like so....

I started a few in some of the brighter colors but not sure if they will 'fit-in' ?

I finished the second Quilty Stitch block and started the third for the Quilty Stitches Sampler, hosted by LittleMissShabby.  

I picked out my fabrics for the Spring Stitching Club hosted by Mollie of Wild Olive.  I haven't finished the Winter Club but I'm so tired of winter, I thought thinking of spring would bring warmer weather on sooner,,,, (not working so far, 10 for the high today and going down to -6  tonight,,,ugh)  This project is with larger hexies, some embroidered, and we will end up with little quilt!  I'm very excited about this one.

Well these are a few of my favorite things.....Thanx for stopping by!

Until Next Time
Take Care,
And have fun Stitching

xx's Kim

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