Thursday, February 6, 2014


Back in January a call came out from Susi of Lilla Luise blog, and Mollie who blogs at Wild Olive for any one wanting to join in on the fun of the Traveling Gingerbread House.   Sooooo guess what arrived at my house the other day......

The Gingerbread House, which was stitched by Susi, is traveling around the world and at each home it visits we are to stitch our favorite Christmas sweet/candy onto or by the gingerbread house.  A sweet little journal is traveling along with the hoop, where we are to write down our memories and/or recipes,  a drawing or photo, or what ever we might want to share.  By next Christmas the Gingerbread House will be full of sweet goodies and the journal will be filled with memories.  How wonderful it will be to see it at the end of it's jouney!!  It traveled to me from Jessica, of Iowa, who also sent me a few "goodies" I can enjoy now - Along with a lovely note she made a me a stitching pouch from one of Mollie's tutorials and 3 skeins of embroidery floss !! I'm feeling a bit spoiled, plus meeting new stitchy friends is always fun.

I am the fourth stop as it makes it's travels... I decided to add our favorite sweet a Shortbread wrapped Maraschino Cherry with pink Peppermint Icing and of course topped with a bit of  ,,,,yep, you got it   1/2 a Maraschino Cherry.  

So this is the gingerbread house and sweets so far....mine is the one above the window.  

A little closer look....yummy goodness

To follow along, and see where  this little house has traveled,  hop over to Lilla Luise and you will be able to see what sweet treat  each stitcher adds .  psssst -Suzi also has some great tutorials you might find interesting!   Well I'm off to make a little 'treat' for the stitcher I will be sending this off to.

Until next time.....
Take Care 
Create something to make your heart Smile
xxx's Kim

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