Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sewing Tales

HELLO,    I'm Elise, very nice to meet you!!!  MiLady created me to be her sewing companion for her treadle sewing machine.  

I am so lucky to be made of fluer de lis cotton fabric,,,It makes me feel so feminine !!  Two black beady eyes because that's what we micey's  have and cute little pink pearl for a nose.

Because Valentines Day is coming soon, MiLady made me a frilly frock in aqua and pink with lace,,,,,oooooh I feel so special my heart is jumping with joy!!  Oh and a little rosy flower to adorn my ear.

She even made me a pair of frilly bloomers,  so when I lifted my dress to show you my very special heart, I wouldn't be so embarrassed.....

....and a special opening in my dress so my "Oh so curly" tail can be  visible to all, cause that is one of my assets!!

Now MiLady does quite a bit of sewing, but when she's not I get a weeeee bit bored, soooo I twirl and dance.....

and do cartwheels - not really girly but they are fun to do!!

MiLady, realizing I was lonely at times, decided to create a special friend for me for a Valentines Day present.

Meet ThoMAS.....he only had a little mushroom to keep him company.
MiLady absolutely loves turtles and thought he would be the perfect companion for me ... I am totally smitten with him!

His heart is so full of love it came through on his shell,  AND....

ThoMAS lets me sit on his comfy shell.   Isn't he such the gentleman?

I'm in "Turtle Love" !!!

It has been very nice meeting you and I do hope you stop by and visit MiLady and I from time to time, to see what we are working on.  

Hi guys, thanks for reading through my little story of Elise and ThoMAS, but I fell in childlike love with Kerry Goulder's recently released new book Sewing Tales.  She is having a contest with some wonderful prizes to be won, although I would have made these even without the chance to win something, and I will be making more.  This book definitely spoke to my inner child and I was very happy to oblige!  Do hop over to her blog to see her book and to see what others have made from it .

Until next time.....

Have fun creating something for your inner child!!

xxx's Kim

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