Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hanging Hearts - My first Tutorial

Hello everyone!!!  Are you getting ready for Valentines Day?  I love 'Hearts'....fabric hearts, patchwork hearts, epp hearts, crochet hearts, paper hearts.....I think you get my drift lol!!  Today I would like to share a little fabric heart you can wear as a necklace or hang anywhere you might like to add a touch of shabby love.

These little hearts are about 4" in length and are a great way to use those little pieces of your favorite fabric scraps  that you just can't bear to throw away, I'm sooo bad at keeping little scraps!   You can also use tail ends of lace, a stray or vintage button, or even a charm to adorn and personalize your little hanging heart.

If you would like to make one for yourself or someone special, this is what you will need.....(please bear with me...this is my first tutorial  - eeeek!)

1 - 4" heart shape template cut from paper or cardboard - I drew mine free hand
2 - 3" square pieces of fabric - heart top
1 - 3 x 4 piece of fabric - heart bottom
1 - 4 x 5" piece of fabric - heart back
2 - lengths of ribbon for wearing or hanging

various trims for adornment
small amount of stuffing 
sewing machine - this could be sewn by hand if a machine is not available.

Cut and layout your fabric pieces....

Sew the two heart top pieces together, right sides together, using a 1/4" seam,  press your seams open...

Find the center of your heart bottom piece of fabric by folding it in half and finger press, line that mark up with the seam of the two top heart pieced and sew  (right sides facing) together, and press seam open....

Now the fun part.....add your little bits of lace, buttons, ribbon flowers or what ever tickles your fancy to your heart.  

Next, turn your masterpiece over and trace your heart shape onto the fabric.  I use a pencil to do this.  This is your stitching line, do not cut on this line.  You will now lay your heart back fabric- right side UP..... then place your heart front on top - right side DOWN...

Stitch on this line leaving a 3/4"  space on one side for turning.  Backstitch at the beginning and the ending, so when you turn your heart right side out it won't pull apart.....

Before you turn your heart right side out....trim your seams, narrowing at the bottom point, and clipping inward  at the top point, making sure not to clip through your stitches.

You can now turn your heart right side out and give it a little steam press...

Through the opening, stuff lightly, then close by hand stitching.....

In all reality, you could use your little heart the way it is as a pin cushion or make a few and fill a little box or basket to set on a table...

But I like to add ribbon so I can wear my little heart...I just hand stitch a length of ribbon to the top of the heart, with a couple of beads/pearls and  My Little Heart is done.

Or hang it......


Any questions....just give me a shout!!

If you do make one, I'd love to see your Little Heart!!

Until next time

xx's  Kim

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