Monday, February 24, 2014

Cabin Fever

It's that time of year....cabin fever is knocking at my door...ugh!   Scattered thoughts...what I WANT to start...what I SHOULD start....what I should finish...

In among all the above, I really want to do some de-stashing of my fabrics (so I can buy more of course) and I wanted to use my Singer treadle machine.  Inspired by Selfsewn and her Bohemian Like You quilt I decided to tackle some of the blue fabrics in my stash.  I like that the pattern of this quilt is just long strips sewn together, perfect for me to get used to using the treadle.  

After gathering a few of my "blues",,,I just tore them into 2 1/2" strips - easy and time saving - and started stitching them together.  Sewing with the treadle is so relaxing, I love it!

And ta-daaaah...It's approximately 55 x 70.  Good size for couch cuddling, RV traveling, and outdoor use.  Little Daisy May has to sit on each new quilt top, as soon as I laid this out she jumped right up and would not get off!! 

Like Selfsewn I'm trying the Kantha stitches on this quilt.  The heavy quilting stitches gives it a different feel for sure, but I am enjoying it immensely. 

I'm very excited to see this one all finished....since I usually only do my hand quilting in the evenings, I dug into some more of those blue fabrics....

These are lighter blues, and whites....little periwinkle and lavender thrown in, hoping to make it feel more like spring ,,,,it was only 9F this am and getting colder over the next four days....yuk!

This is a free pattern from FatQuaterShop called the Layer Cake Lemonade Quilt.  Again I chose it because of the larger squares until I feel totally confident using the treadle.  Haha I got the picture taken before Daisy Dawg sat on it LOL!!  Haven't decided how I want to quilt this one yet, and OH I'm backing them with a wonderful flannel with blue roses that I found at a thrift store!!!  

Are you de-stashing, starting or finishing?  Or maybe a little of all, like me!  No matter what, I hope you are enjoying the process.  I know one thing, I WANT WARMER WEATHER!
How about you?
Until next time
Take Care, Have fun

xx's Kim


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