Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sewing Tales Contest Up-Date!!!

Remember this?....

A heart made from 1/2" hexies, that I turned into this.......

A turtle named Thomas and his Valentine friend.......

Elise?  Then I wrote a little story about them HERE and entered a little contest Here.

I used patterns from the book Sewing Tales to Love and Stitch by Kerry Goulder of Kid Giddy blog.  When she released her book last fall with a blog hop, extra patterns, and give aways, I fell in love with the book immediately!  The gnomes, mice, bears, boats, hot-air balloons, to name just a few appealed to my inner child-I really don't plan on growing up any time soon LOL!  I was smitten with this book.  When she announced the Sewing Tales for the Holidays Contest.   I entered the contest for fun (with no intentions of placing) but GUESS WHAAAAAT!!!  I placed 2nd Runner Up!!!!  You can see the other winners Here

I would like to thank Kerry for creating and writing this book. I highly recommend Sewing Tales if you enjoy making stuffies for the little AND not so little ones in your life. Also a big thank you for hosting the contest-I can't imagine the amount of time and energy it took to organize this.  THANK YOU!!  (*** just a note - once you've got the book do not be dismayed that the patterns need to be enlarged, if you contact her she will email you the full size patterns!! )) How cool is that??

I would also like to thank the contributing sponsors for the super prize package- Sizzix,QuiltyBox,Dritz,FreeSpirit,Fiskars and Bosal...Thank You!

Hope your week is going well
Until Next Time
Take Care and have fun Stitching

xx's  Kim

I have given this review of my own accord, I was not asked to, or paid, for my thoughts on this book.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIP's - Wednessday

Ongoing, little projects that will be awhile before they are done but I love doing them....

I'm addicted to hexies,,,,I love these little 1/2" hexies - I'm making diamonds with them.  Even though I work on these at least a couple of times a week, there are only 10 completed so far.  

They will eventually be joined together like so....

I started a few in some of the brighter colors but not sure if they will 'fit-in' ?

I finished the second Quilty Stitch block and started the third for the Quilty Stitches Sampler, hosted by LittleMissShabby.  

I picked out my fabrics for the Spring Stitching Club hosted by Mollie of Wild Olive.  I haven't finished the Winter Club but I'm so tired of winter, I thought thinking of spring would bring warmer weather on sooner,,,, (not working so far, 10 for the high today and going down to -6  tonight,,,ugh)  This project is with larger hexies, some embroidered, and we will end up with little quilt!  I'm very excited about this one.

Well these are a few of my favorite things.....Thanx for stopping by!

Until Next Time
Take Care,
And have fun Stitching

xx's Kim

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A "Should" Finish Project

This is one of my projects that I 'should' finish that I spoke about yesterday.  It's a Bed Runner and Pillows for my sister.  I think I started it two years ago.  I'm not a green person so that may be one of the reasons I kinda sorta 'forgot' about it, well that and I get side tracked with new ideas!!

I used a jellyroll and some coordinating fabric from Connecting Threads.  As I said my sister likes greens, yellows, and reds, but this roll also came with a little blue and grape.  I found the pattern in the book Bed Runners using Precut Fabrics by Kathy Brown.  There are nine patterns in the book and this is the second pattern I've used from it.

This will be 92" x 36" when finished.  I really like the idea of a bed runner, not as big to make yet can change the look of your room with the seasons.

With the strips/fq's that were left, I decided to make  a couple of QAYG pillow covers.

A little hand quilting in the evenings and hopefully I'll finish this for her birthday in May,,,fingers crossed !!

It's still winter here so having this on my lap, while quilting, keeps me warm in the evenings while watching tv,,,,nothing better than snuggling with a quilt.  Do you have a favorite quilt??  I'd love to hear about it.

Until next time,
Take Care, 

xx's  Kim

Monday, February 24, 2014

Cabin Fever

It's that time of year....cabin fever is knocking at my door...ugh!   Scattered thoughts...what I WANT to start...what I SHOULD start....what I should finish...

In among all the above, I really want to do some de-stashing of my fabrics (so I can buy more of course) and I wanted to use my Singer treadle machine.  Inspired by Selfsewn and her Bohemian Like You quilt I decided to tackle some of the blue fabrics in my stash.  I like that the pattern of this quilt is just long strips sewn together, perfect for me to get used to using the treadle.  

After gathering a few of my "blues",,,I just tore them into 2 1/2" strips - easy and time saving - and started stitching them together.  Sewing with the treadle is so relaxing, I love it!

And ta-daaaah...It's approximately 55 x 70.  Good size for couch cuddling, RV traveling, and outdoor use.  Little Daisy May has to sit on each new quilt top, as soon as I laid this out she jumped right up and would not get off!! 

Like Selfsewn I'm trying the Kantha stitches on this quilt.  The heavy quilting stitches gives it a different feel for sure, but I am enjoying it immensely. 

I'm very excited to see this one all finished....since I usually only do my hand quilting in the evenings, I dug into some more of those blue fabrics....

These are lighter blues, and whites....little periwinkle and lavender thrown in, hoping to make it feel more like spring ,,,,it was only 9F this am and getting colder over the next four days....yuk!

This is a free pattern from FatQuaterShop called the Layer Cake Lemonade Quilt.  Again I chose it because of the larger squares until I feel totally confident using the treadle.  Haha I got the picture taken before Daisy Dawg sat on it LOL!!  Haven't decided how I want to quilt this one yet, and OH I'm backing them with a wonderful flannel with blue roses that I found at a thrift store!!!  

Are you de-stashing, starting or finishing?  Or maybe a little of all, like me!  No matter what, I hope you are enjoying the process.  I know one thing, I WANT WARMER WEATHER!
How about you?
Until next time
Take Care, Have fun

xx's Kim


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Welcome and a Winner !

I would like to thank each and everyone of you, from the bottom of my heart, for visiting me here at Babes and Brides!!  This has been such a wonderful party and I have enjoyed finding new friends in blogland.  HELLO and WELCOME to all my new followers, I hope you enjoy your visits here with me.  There are so many wonderfully talented ladies who have stopped by here and that I've visited.  I feel blessed to be a part of a community of people who share their talents, their life and encourage one another along the way,,,,I am truly inspired.   Thank You.

Without  further ado ......THE WINNER IS..........

comment # 20

Sandy Campbell  


Until next time

xx's Kim

The Random Generator WAS showing this number (20),,,,my techie abilities are not the greatest to say the least I guess...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

A little Shabby Heart for you on Valentines Day....

I used all things shabby/romantic,  (to me)  - creamy white velvet, silk and satin ribbons, pearls, vintage pearl with rhinestone button, and some vintage sheeting  for the back .

Happy Valentines Day !!!

Laugh as much as you Breath....
And Love as long as you Live
Johnny Depp

Until next time....
Have a wonderful weekend!!

xx's  Kim

p.s.  entries for my Grow Your Blog party giveaway end tonight.   I will announce a winner tomorrow, so if you haven't entered yet,  click  here to get your name in on the draw.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hearts on a String

Today I'm sharing a little Crochet Heart Garland.  This works up very quickly and easily, so you could even get one done tonight while watching The Olympics!  I found this one at Sarandipities, but there are numerous patterns/tutorials for various styles of crochet hearts.

I'm lovin my little garland....Maybe a little Tea Party with my daughter tomorrow would be a good way to celebrate!!  

Until next time.....

Heartfelt Hugs

xx's Kim

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Circle of Hearts Mug Rug

I made this little epp heart mug rug using a pattern from Mollie from Wild Olive.  She has a great tutorial to go with it.   I decided to put a binding on mine....

I will be finishing, the next one I make, the way she does in her tutorial because as you can see my binding went a little wonky on me,,,errrggg. But no worries this one is mine....

I made this one as a gift....I sent it as little treat for the next person on the list for the Traveling Gingerbread House !  

If you like English paper piecing, this is a fun and fairly quick make.....especially if you follow Mollie's way of finishing lol!    Live and Learn, that's how I 'do'!!  Just hoping she likes it and realizes it was made with love, not perfection.

Hoping you are sewing till your 'Hearts Content' !

Until next time

xxx's   Kim

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hanging Hearts - My first Tutorial

Hello everyone!!!  Are you getting ready for Valentines Day?  I love 'Hearts'....fabric hearts, patchwork hearts, epp hearts, crochet hearts, paper hearts.....I think you get my drift lol!!  Today I would like to share a little fabric heart you can wear as a necklace or hang anywhere you might like to add a touch of shabby love.

These little hearts are about 4" in length and are a great way to use those little pieces of your favorite fabric scraps  that you just can't bear to throw away, I'm sooo bad at keeping little scraps!   You can also use tail ends of lace, a stray or vintage button, or even a charm to adorn and personalize your little hanging heart.

If you would like to make one for yourself or someone special, this is what you will need.....(please bear with me...this is my first tutorial  - eeeek!)

1 - 4" heart shape template cut from paper or cardboard - I drew mine free hand
2 - 3" square pieces of fabric - heart top
1 - 3 x 4 piece of fabric - heart bottom
1 - 4 x 5" piece of fabric - heart back
2 - lengths of ribbon for wearing or hanging

various trims for adornment
small amount of stuffing 
sewing machine - this could be sewn by hand if a machine is not available.

Cut and layout your fabric pieces....

Sew the two heart top pieces together, right sides together, using a 1/4" seam,  press your seams open...

Find the center of your heart bottom piece of fabric by folding it in half and finger press, line that mark up with the seam of the two top heart pieced and sew  (right sides facing) together, and press seam open....

Now the fun part.....add your little bits of lace, buttons, ribbon flowers or what ever tickles your fancy to your heart.  

Next, turn your masterpiece over and trace your heart shape onto the fabric.  I use a pencil to do this.  This is your stitching line, do not cut on this line.  You will now lay your heart back fabric- right side UP..... then place your heart front on top - right side DOWN...

Stitch on this line leaving a 3/4"  space on one side for turning.  Backstitch at the beginning and the ending, so when you turn your heart right side out it won't pull apart.....

Before you turn your heart right side out....trim your seams, narrowing at the bottom point, and clipping inward  at the top point, making sure not to clip through your stitches.

You can now turn your heart right side out and give it a little steam press...

Through the opening, stuff lightly, then close by hand stitching.....

In all reality, you could use your little heart the way it is as a pin cushion or make a few and fill a little box or basket to set on a table...

But I like to add ribbon so I can wear my little heart...I just hand stitch a length of ribbon to the top of the heart, with a couple of beads/pearls and  My Little Heart is done.

Or hang it......


Any questions....just give me a shout!!

If you do make one, I'd love to see your Little Heart!!

Until next time

xx's  Kim

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Back in January a call came out from Susi of Lilla Luise blog, and Mollie who blogs at Wild Olive for any one wanting to join in on the fun of the Traveling Gingerbread House.   Sooooo guess what arrived at my house the other day......

The Gingerbread House, which was stitched by Susi, is traveling around the world and at each home it visits we are to stitch our favorite Christmas sweet/candy onto or by the gingerbread house.  A sweet little journal is traveling along with the hoop, where we are to write down our memories and/or recipes,  a drawing or photo, or what ever we might want to share.  By next Christmas the Gingerbread House will be full of sweet goodies and the journal will be filled with memories.  How wonderful it will be to see it at the end of it's jouney!!  It traveled to me from Jessica, of Iowa, who also sent me a few "goodies" I can enjoy now - Along with a lovely note she made a me a stitching pouch from one of Mollie's tutorials and 3 skeins of embroidery floss !! I'm feeling a bit spoiled, plus meeting new stitchy friends is always fun.

I am the fourth stop as it makes it's travels... I decided to add our favorite sweet a Shortbread wrapped Maraschino Cherry with pink Peppermint Icing and of course topped with a bit of  ,,,,yep, you got it   1/2 a Maraschino Cherry.  

So this is the gingerbread house and sweets so far....mine is the one above the window.  

A little closer look....yummy goodness

To follow along, and see where  this little house has traveled,  hop over to Lilla Luise and you will be able to see what sweet treat  each stitcher adds .  psssst -Suzi also has some great tutorials you might find interesting!   Well I'm off to make a little 'treat' for the stitcher I will be sending this off to.

Until next time.....
Take Care 
Create something to make your heart Smile
xxx's Kim

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sewing Tales

HELLO,    I'm Elise, very nice to meet you!!!  MiLady created me to be her sewing companion for her treadle sewing machine.  

I am so lucky to be made of fluer de lis cotton fabric,,,It makes me feel so feminine !!  Two black beady eyes because that's what we micey's  have and cute little pink pearl for a nose.

Because Valentines Day is coming soon, MiLady made me a frilly frock in aqua and pink with lace,,,,,oooooh I feel so special my heart is jumping with joy!!  Oh and a little rosy flower to adorn my ear.

She even made me a pair of frilly bloomers,  so when I lifted my dress to show you my very special heart, I wouldn't be so embarrassed.....

....and a special opening in my dress so my "Oh so curly" tail can be  visible to all, cause that is one of my assets!!

Now MiLady does quite a bit of sewing, but when she's not I get a weeeee bit bored, soooo I twirl and dance.....

and do cartwheels - not really girly but they are fun to do!!

MiLady, realizing I was lonely at times, decided to create a special friend for me for a Valentines Day present.

Meet ThoMAS.....he only had a little mushroom to keep him company.
MiLady absolutely loves turtles and thought he would be the perfect companion for me ... I am totally smitten with him!

His heart is so full of love it came through on his shell,  AND....

ThoMAS lets me sit on his comfy shell.   Isn't he such the gentleman?

I'm in "Turtle Love" !!!

It has been very nice meeting you and I do hope you stop by and visit MiLady and I from time to time, to see what we are working on.  

Hi guys, thanks for reading through my little story of Elise and ThoMAS, but I fell in childlike love with Kerry Goulder's recently released new book Sewing Tales.  She is having a contest with some wonderful prizes to be won, although I would have made these even without the chance to win something, and I will be making more.  This book definitely spoke to my inner child and I was very happy to oblige!  Do hop over to her blog to see her book and to see what others have made from it .

Until next time.....

Have fun creating something for your inner child!!

xxx's Kim