Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Little Embroidery Swap received !!

Up until last weekend, our spring here in Wisconsin has been cold, wet, blustery and down right gloomy.....which I do not cope with very well.  So when we (my daughter and I) checked the mail on Saturday and found this in the box we were thrilled !!!  


This package filled with handmade goodness and sweet goodies lifted my spirits out of the grey gloominess .
Turns out Molly of Rose & Odin had me for the Little Embroidery Swap which is hosted by Sweet Little Pretties.  The date to have our projects done and shipped had been extended so I wasn't expecting to receive anything for a bit yet.  AND I follow Molly on her blog and FB and IG and never guessed she had been paired up with me.....that girl, she can keep a secret!!!

First she embroidered little pink star flowers with yellow centers onto a gorgeous piece of  aqua linen, which she then added to a wide-mouth zipper pouch....I LOVE ZIPPER POUCHES, and aqua linen, and embroidered get the drift... it's perfect!!
Had take pic with it next to my new Fairy I got for Mothers Day!

And  cheery fabric on the inside!!!  I had mentioned I like fairies, and she added a wonderful piece of fabric with Fairies surrounded by flowers with SPARKLES on it....I LOVE FAIRIES with SPARKLES!!!

She also sent CHOCOLATE, (which is gone,lol) a sweet note, and a card with all her info on it, which I love because I can file it, you know not loose (throw away with scrap threads, etc.) it with all the other sticky notes that don't stick anymore....

So I THANK YOU  Molly for your kindness, your beautiful embroidered pouch, and the thoughtful gift of Fairies floating on fabric.  It came just when least expected, but much needed .

Please drop by Molly's Face Book page and say HI and give her some love,,,,It's her birthday this month and she has a surprise going on!!!  You can find her blog here.

So until till next time.....
Happy Sewing,,,Happy Spring!!!

xx Kim

UPDATE:  June 10th, 2013   My partner, Toni Spencer, has received the Little Embroidery items I made for her!!!  In an email she said she loved them, so now I can show them to you.....

The info said she like black, white, red and I created a mug rug/hot pad and a redwork tea towel.  It takes me longer to decide and design something than to actually make them. My heart goes into everything I make so I'm very pleased (and relieved ..whew!) that she "Loved" it.  I'm off to link this up to the Sweet Little Embroidery Link Up.  You can see what every one sent and received there.  A big Thank You to Lisa for organizing this fun swap and link up!!!

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