Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another Vintage Remake

You may remember my little Vintage Ruffled Apron Top I added to my Etsy Shop  using a pattern from Cass Can Sew.  I love vintage so I collect vintage patterns and I go thrifting alot because thats where you can come across alot of ideas.  I had bought this litte handmade summer dress at a thrift store last year (I think for .25cents) because is was so simple yet cute,,,,and I love to look at the way people put things together and stitches used by someone who made something, I'm sure with love.



What is more retro vintage than Red Gingham with Daisys !!  So last summer my daughter wore this and loved it..  Well we will be leaving this weekend on a trip to Florida to visit with my Family...  It's been 3 years since I've had a hug from my Mom, Sister and Bro!

Any how...I was gathering up some summer dresses for my daughter to take along and a quick look told me this one wasn't going to fit!  :(  She is twelve and obviously hit her growth spurt as she has grown three inches since October ... So what's a sewing mom to do...........Haha make another one to fit !!!

It only takes 4 pieces plus elastic (back waist) ribbon for the halter tie..

I think she likes it!

Ready for the Sunshine!!

I used a cotton chintz with pink daisy like flowers on it.  Did some measuring of the red dress, added some inches and length and we are good to go !! Woohooo!!
An Umbrella  Prop..Silly Mom

This was quick and easy...just what I needed since we are hoping to leave this weekend !!

xx Kim
p.s.  I will be posting from Florida so get ready for some Sunshine !!!!


Krystal Spreadborough said...

That is such a cute summery dress! Your daughter is a great model too :)

Jenya Thompson said...

Oh isn't it great to have an excuse to make something mew for you daughter :)

Martha Cavazos Fipps said...

That is just darling, I should try to make one for Micaela.