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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Little Pincushion Swap

A few weeks ago I joined another swap.  Lisa Mately of Sweet Little Pretties hosted a  Little Pincushion Swap.  I don't want to give too much away but I sent the pincushion I made to Australia and she likes bright colors.  I left on vacation to Florida soon after we were given our swap partner so I had the fabric I ordered shipped to my mother's house and made it while visiting there.  I used the Cathedral Window Tutorial by Suzanne Klemm from RBD Pincushion Club.  If you would like to try this one, check it out here Cathedral Window Pincushion.

Little Pincushion for Swap
I also added a little something extra but that's a secret!!  If I showed it to you now, it would give away my partner's identity, so check back later after I know it has arrived at it's destination and I will share more then. I hope she likes it....I had fun choosing the fabrics and making it,,,it's easier to make than it looks!!

I will blog about the pincushion I get when I recieve it.  I'm sooooo excited!!  So until next time

Have fun Sewing, Creating, Knitting and Crocheting


Don't forget to checkout the link up to see all the beautiful pincushions created by some talented ladies !!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another Vintage Remake

You may remember my little Vintage Ruffled Apron Top I added to my Etsy Shop  using a pattern from Cass Can Sew.  I love vintage so I collect vintage patterns and I go thrifting alot because thats where you can come across alot of ideas.  I had bought this litte handmade summer dress at a thrift store last year (I think for .25cents) because is was so simple yet cute,,,,and I love to look at the way people put things together and stitches used by someone who made something, I'm sure with love.



What is more retro vintage than Red Gingham with Daisys !!  So last summer my daughter wore this and loved it..  Well we will be leaving this weekend on a trip to Florida to visit with my Family...  It's been 3 years since I've had a hug from my Mom, Sister and Bro!

Any how...I was gathering up some summer dresses for my daughter to take along and a quick look told me this one wasn't going to fit!  :(  She is twelve and obviously hit her growth spurt as she has grown three inches since October ... So what's a sewing mom to do...........Haha make another one to fit !!!

It only takes 4 pieces plus elastic (back waist) ribbon for the halter tie..

I think she likes it!

Ready for the Sunshine!!

I used a cotton chintz with pink daisy like flowers on it.  Did some measuring of the red dress, added some inches and length and we are good to go !! Woohooo!!
An Umbrella  Prop..Silly Mom

This was quick and easy...just what I needed since we are hoping to leave this weekend !!

xx Kim
p.s.  I will be posting from Florida so get ready for some Sunshine !!!!

Doublestrand Infinity Cowl

One Dog  Woof sponsored a crochet a long back in February and I decided to take part as it was a simple Infinity Cowl.  ChiWei hosted this cal with tutorials over a period of a few weeks so that those wanting to learn to crochet could join in.  I already crochet but enjoy having a simpler crochet pattern to work on in the evenings so I decided this would be a good one since I haven't made a cowl before.

Made with doublestrand

Made with singlestrand
I ended up making two the same, but different.  One using 2 strands of yarn held together as the pattern called for and one using a single strand of yarn for a less bulky feel and look.

You might want to head on over to One Dog Woof and have a look at all the other cowls made by a group of very crative ladies.  She has a linky party going on through Sunday.  Check it out, I'm adding my cowl to the party!!!CAL Linky Party

Are your Hooks Happy?

Hope you are having fun

Till next time

xx Kim

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday, Monday-

I didn't get alot of sewing done over the weekend but I did finish up the pouch and bracelet I have been working on to donate to the She's Worth It Campaign.  Button on the right side bar...

We were asked to make a zipper pouch and/or a bracelet for girls rescued from sex trafficing to show them how much they are loved, and that someone cares about them and their rehabilitation. You can read all about the campaign over at The Train To Crazy.

I chose a lavender polka dot taffeta/cotton heart fabric combination because I think is says "happy and girly".

I added a "Made With Love" charm for the zipper pull so she will be reminded everytime she opens her pouch that she is loved.

For the bracelet I crocheted a simple band with picot edging out of a rayon yarn.  It is soft and has ample stretch so to fit a wide range of sizes.

A little crocheted heart applique with a heart button finnishes it off.    I hope I didn't go overboard with the hearts, just wanted to be sure whoever get it, they know they are loved.!!   I'll be getting this in the mail in the next couple of days, but if you would like to make a pouch or bracelet to donate to this worthy cause there is still plenty of time as they are accepting donations till the end  of March.  Even if you don't sew or craft they are also accepting monetary donations.   They are asking for just a $10.00 donation.

So go on over to The Train To Crazy and check out how YOU can help out this Worthy Cause !!

I love that you came for a visit and hope you'll  drop by again.

Until next time

Have fun Sewing, Crafting, Knitting,Crocheting

xx Kim