Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap..Received !!!

I GOT IT...!!!! and   I LOVE IT!!!!

Today the mail was late,,,really late due to the cold, blustery, snowy, wintry day.  Finally around 5:30 the mail truck showed up...Like any good mom I sent my daughter out to get it !! LOL  My swap partner was Stacy from Louisiana...

Any way she came running down the road and into the house screaming IT CAME !!!  She has been very excited...So here it is....

It was wrapped in pretty pater with a Valentine card (which didn't get in the photo,sorry) In the card she explained the bottom part of the pouch is fabric from a vintage pillow case she had found !!  I love vintage and repurposed fabrics so this is absolutely wonderful!  And the top fabric matches the color of the roses perfectly!  I'm soooo happy with this lovely pouch I'm doing a happy dance while trying to finish this post.

There was also a gimungus (is that a word?) Lindt chocolate bar with almonds...my fave!!  Oh and the note cards so sunny and cheery, brightens this wintry day just looking at them.  That small tube is a Burts Bees Super Glossy Lip Shine...which I will have to hide from my daughter !! LOL
A heart felt Thank you  Stacy  ..I totally love it !!!   Oh and Stacy blogs at The Fancy Fritter..Go on over and she what all this crafty lady does...http://thefancyfritter.blogspot.com/    And share some love on her fb page here   https://www.facebook.com/TheFancyFritter?fref=ts

I had such fun, this being my first swap and enjoyed meeting so many talented ladies.  Thankyou all.

Until next time have fun               Stitching, Sewing, Crafting, & Creating
                                                                        xo Kim


Winneconne Book Fair Coordinator said...

What a fun swap, Kim. Very neat. I especially like the fact that you sent Sami out to the mail box... LOL. I sent Sydney outside with the puppy. I hid behind the baking a fresh pineapple upside down cake excuse. I love all your creations, you are so talented.

kim leavens said...

Haha...this was alot of fun..and thank you...You and your girls don't do so bad yourself !!! Oh and pineapple upsidedown cake is my fave!!!

Samantha said...

Yummy! Great pouch :) x