Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oilcloth Spring Market Bag..

Somewhere in my travels I found and bought this beautiful oilcloth (tablecloth fabric to some)..at least I think it's pretty..It's kinda shabby, kinda victorian..  any hooo I've been saving it for something more than just to use on the table and yesterday on the Girl Inspired blog she had this tutorial for a Spring Market Bag that she made up with oil cloth..http://www.thegirlinspired.com/2013/02/the-spring-market-tote-tutorial.html#links

                I immmediately thought of my fabric and got to sewing.... and now I have a Spring Market Bag.  It is a good size...12x15x4 inches.  I lined it with cotton fabic.

I think I'll end up making a few of these!!              

Till next time
Have fun Sewing, Stitching,Crafting something "Springy"

xo Kim

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