Thursday, February 28, 2013

Envelope Clutch Sew-a-Long

When I saw that  Kate, over at SeeKateSew, was having a sew-a-long I got excited....then when I saw that it was an Envelope Clutch I knew immediately what I wanted to do!

Me being all things shabby, and vintage, and my daughter really loving the "Paris" thing I decided on a vintage postcard embroidery on the back and shabby flowers/ribbons and vintage doily for the front.


I had the white on creamy white damask in my stash just waiting for the perfect project to use it on, and we had recently bought the gray Paris fabric from Hobby Lobby.  I had fun with this, even though it may not be practical I love it!!!!

There is still time to pop over and get her free pattern.  Saturday is the deadline to post photos.  And check out all the other awesome Envelope Clutches on flickr or at #februaryclutchalong on instagram.

Sorry about the pictures, no sun today...and I'm sill trying to figure out how to get the pictures where I want them...errrrrg!!                        

Hope your sewing and crafting are going well

Until next time, Have fun 

xo Kim

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oilcloth Spring Market Bag..

Somewhere in my travels I found and bought this beautiful oilcloth (tablecloth fabric to some) least I think it's pretty..It's kinda shabby, kinda victorian..  any hooo I've been saving it for something more than just to use on the table and yesterday on the Girl Inspired blog she had this tutorial for a Spring Market Bag that she made up with oil cloth..

                I immmediately thought of my fabric and got to sewing.... and now I have a Spring Market Bag.  It is a good size...12x15x4 inches.  I lined it with cotton fabic.

I think I'll end up making a few of these!!              

Till next time
Have fun Sewing, Stitching,Crafting something "Springy"

xo Kim

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap..Received !!!

I GOT IT...!!!! and   I LOVE IT!!!!

Today the mail was late,,,really late due to the cold, blustery, snowy, wintry day.  Finally around 5:30 the mail truck showed up...Like any good mom I sent my daughter out to get it !! LOL  My swap partner was Stacy from Louisiana...

Any way she came running down the road and into the house screaming IT CAME !!!  She has been very excited...So here it is....

It was wrapped in pretty pater with a Valentine card (which didn't get in the photo,sorry) In the card she explained the bottom part of the pouch is fabric from a vintage pillow case she had found !!  I love vintage and repurposed fabrics so this is absolutely wonderful!  And the top fabric matches the color of the roses perfectly!  I'm soooo happy with this lovely pouch I'm doing a happy dance while trying to finish this post.

There was also a gimungus (is that a word?) Lindt chocolate bar with fave!!  Oh and the note cards so sunny and cheery, brightens this wintry day just looking at them.  That small tube is a Burts Bees Super Glossy Lip Shine...which I will have to hide from my daughter !! LOL
A heart felt Thank you  Stacy  ..I totally love it !!!   Oh and Stacy blogs at The Fancy Fritter..Go on over and she what all this crafty lady does...    And share some love on her fb page here

I had such fun, this being my first swap and enjoyed meeting so many talented ladies.  Thankyou all.

Until next time have fun               Stitching, Sewing, Crafting, & Creating
                                                                        xo Kim

Monday, February 18, 2013

Check This Out !!!

The moment I saw this cute little Vintage Ruffled Apron Top I fell in love with it !!!  The pattern comes from
Cassandra from Cass Can Sew and you can find the pattern and tutorial here

Cass has kindly let me use her pattern to create my own Ruffled Apron Tops to sell in my Etsy Shop and she even blogged about my creations on her blog here can't thank her enough for her kindness and her adorable patterns!!!!

Do go and check out her blog and share some love on her Facebook page !!!

Your can see my Ruffled Apron Tops in my Etsy Shop on my right sidebar or click here

Thannx for stopping by..

Until next time hope you have fun

Sewing Stitching, Crafting, Creating

xo Kim

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I love hearts....I make them.....collect fabric with hearts on them !!!!  This is a little heart I made for my daughter...  Hope your Valentines day is Sweet and Heart-Felt ...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Here is a "cuppycake" that is easy to make, easy to do and "SUPER CUTE" !!   My daughter the Cupcake Queen chose this one...It came form a discount book we found somewhere in our travels ! LOL

The book is 100 Best Cupcake recipes.  This cute Chocolate Sweetheart Cupcakes recipe requires only three items plus ingredients to prepare the box mix..  Great for the young ladies working on their baking skills.

So you will need : A chocolate cake mix, (plus the ingrediants to prepare it), 1 container vanilla frosting, and 3 tablespoons seedless raspberry jam.   A mini heart shape cookie cutter.

Follow instructions for bakiing your cake and spoon into muffin cups filling them 2/3 full.  Bake required time and let cool.

While they are cooling mix the 3 TBSP. jam into the frosting.

Cut off rounded tops of the cupcakes with serrated knife....then with a mini heart shape cookie cutter cut shape from the top of the cupcake you just cut off......

Spread the frosting mixture over the cupcake bottoms,,,,,replace the top,,,, then gentley fill the heart shape with a little more frosting......We garnished ours with red sugar sprinkles and a dusting of powdered sugar!!

They were easy and fun and we were very pleased with how they looked when finished...

Hope your Valentines Day is "PINK" a licious !!!!

ps...This is the book in case you come across it in YOUR travels !!

Until next time....hope you enjoy

sewing, stitching, crafting, creating

               xo Kim