Monday, January 21, 2013

My Swap Pouch

Well I chose the fabrics....

Then I decided on a design...I chose to use the Perfect Zip Bag by Elizabeth Hartman.  This is a wonderful pattern in that there are three different bag to choose from and several sizes and styles to work with.  I went with bag C and instead of adding a patchwork panel I decided to embroider a stitchy bird since my parter likes birds, trees, and whales.

And it went together fairly least I hope she likes it....

Now, hopefully this wickedly cold weather breaks and I can get out to get the chocolates to fill this sweet little pouch !!!!  

Also I am adding a couple of "surprise" goodies as my partner is new to sewing so I thought I'd add a few sewing trinkets to help her new "hobby" along......But I definately want them to be a surprise so I will post pictures of them later......

So until next time dear commrads in sewing

Have Fun
Sewing, Stitching, Crafting and Creating

xo Kim
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