Monday, January 7, 2013

Blame it Mom

It was my mom who got me started stitching.  I can't remember why, she probably just needed to keep me busy.  It was one of those pre-stamped pillowcases with a kitten in a shoe... I was 11 and haven't stopped sewing since.
Next Mom taught me to make hankies..I embroidered flowers in the corner, and Mom taught me to handroll the hem.  I don't have pictures of  them as I gave them as gifts to my grandmother and godmother.  With all my moves and life changes I'm thankful to have my first pillowcase...any how from there it was "home-ec" class. I made skirts and dresses and Mom made me redo the zippers till I got it to her standards.

And that brings me to  this peek at a project I'm working on's a Sarah Jane pattern that I fell in love with and I think it say's what all Mom's'll have to wait to see what I do with it !!!

I also chose the fabrics I'm going to be using for the SewCanShe Sewalongwww.sew

                           I guess I better go get stitching.....until next time

                                                       Hope you have a wonderful day

                                             sewing, stitching, crafting, creating......

                                                                         xoxo Kim

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