Thursday, January 31, 2013

OOPS !!!

Forgot to post my finsished product from the SewCanShe New Year Sewalong.. You had to make something using the  quilt block from the tutorial  as shown on the made two blocks and made a round table topper..  The fabric is from my stash from The Connecting Threads website.  For the backing I upcycled a cotton tea towel with a mushroom stitched on it. I used some of the scrap pieces to create a banner effect to square off the mushroom stitchery.  There is a prize for the winner picked by a panel of judges....I didn't enter with the intention of winning anything, just a push to get some of my stash used up on some things I've been wanting to make....You can check out their Facebook page to see all the wonderful designs people made using this Herringbone Block tutorial. You can check it out here:
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Hope you are enjoying

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xo Kim

Friday, January 25, 2013

On To The Next Project...

Okay I joined the Riley Blake Design Mystery Block of the Month...Link is below..This will be a different block every month for nine monthes.

The January block is a "Chevron"...chevrons are everywhere in the fabric world these days..Ryley Blake has a lot to choose from if you are interested..

Any how my daughter wanted pink and purples and I wanted aquas and pinks with a touch of red so HOPEFULLY I will end up with two finished quilts when this is done !!!

Very excited to see what the next block is going to be......

Thanx for stopping by and Have Fun

Sewing, Stitching, Crafting, and Creating !!

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xo Kim

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sweet Little Extras !!

Since my Pouch is going to someone who is "new to sewing" I thought I would send a few little extras to feed her new "habit" !!!  I used the needlecase tutorial from  Amy does beautiful work,,I just love her creations..My swap partner likes birds, whales and trees so that's how I included a whale.
She likes Whales too!

Inside of Needle Case
Opened up to see the patchwork back..
For the zipper pull I strung some pearls and beads with a Scissor Charm on the end !!!
Then when I saw this pattern for this awesomely cute Owl pinpush I  just couldn't resist adding this too!!I sure hope she likes it!!!   Well I hope to get the chocolates for this this weekend and post it early next week.

So until next time my dear friends
Hope your days are filled

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xo Kim 

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Swap Pouch

Well I chose the fabrics....

Then I decided on a design...I chose to use the Perfect Zip Bag by Elizabeth Hartman.  This is a wonderful pattern in that there are three different bag to choose from and several sizes and styles to work with.  I went with bag C and instead of adding a patchwork panel I decided to embroider a stitchy bird since my parter likes birds, trees, and whales.

And it went together fairly least I hope she likes it....

Now, hopefully this wickedly cold weather breaks and I can get out to get the chocolates to fill this sweet little pouch !!!!  

Also I am adding a couple of "surprise" goodies as my partner is new to sewing so I thought I'd add a few sewing trinkets to help her new "hobby" along......But I definately want them to be a surprise so I will post pictures of them later......

So until next time dear commrads in sewing

Have Fun
Sewing, Stitching, Crafting and Creating

xo Kim

Monday, January 14, 2013


Just a little note since it's been a week...hope to post a few other things later this week,, but I wanted to get this posted...I Joined A Swap last week!!!!   Sew Delicious is hosting a Sweet Pouch Swap.  Here is the link:  It's closed now but check out Ros's blog...its great!!!

I was a bit nervous about joining, being so new to this blogging thing, but we got our partner names on Sunday and now I'm very excited and hoping to make some new friends.  We are to make a zipper pouch and fill it with sweets of some sort and ship it off for them.  Just like a little kid I love getting mail, especially little handmade gifts...I like to call them Heartfelt Stitchery's..  Picking a design, fabrics and trims is just as much fun as sewing it together.  Will be posting little peeks along the way with what I'm making for my partner....not too much though...don't want to spoil the surprise  !!! Can you tell I'm excited now!!!

                                                Till next time my dear friends

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                                                                  xo  Kim

Monday, January 7, 2013

Blame it Mom

It was my mom who got me started stitching.  I can't remember why, she probably just needed to keep me busy.  It was one of those pre-stamped pillowcases with a kitten in a shoe... I was 11 and haven't stopped sewing since.
Next Mom taught me to make hankies..I embroidered flowers in the corner, and Mom taught me to handroll the hem.  I don't have pictures of  them as I gave them as gifts to my grandmother and godmother.  With all my moves and life changes I'm thankful to have my first pillowcase...any how from there it was "home-ec" class. I made skirts and dresses and Mom made me redo the zippers till I got it to her standards.

And that brings me to  this peek at a project I'm working on's a Sarah Jane pattern that I fell in love with and I think it say's what all Mom's'll have to wait to see what I do with it !!!

I also chose the fabrics I'm going to be using for the SewCanShe Sewalongwww.sew

Friday, January 4, 2013

I think I can...I think I can....

Ok, I'm referring to a few things.....First I'm new to blogging...betcha didn't notice..LOL!!!  Who said an old dog couln't learn a new trick..  Just takes longer...I've always pushed myself to learn by doing, in many aspects of life....Sewing being number one.   I just know I have been inspired by so many of your blogs out there I want to thank you and try it for myself.  Which reminds me I have to get the list of blogs I follow listed in the sidebar somehow.....

Then with opening an Etsy shop, a whole other realm to figure out....and keep up with the sewing it takes to keep things going....

Then on one of the blogs I follow, they are having this sewalong that I committed just looked sooo fun and do-able. But I was thinking I might be streatching myself too thin but then another blog  was having a giveaway for the sewalong and there I was clicking away and commiting and entering...and sooo

I think I can......

We are to just pick the fabric we want to use for the project this week...maybe, hopefully I'll post pixs of some you can see I have alot to learn but I think I can...

                                                   Thank you for stopping by,
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                                                         Till next time...

                                                                   xo Kim

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My First Post

I have been sewing for babies and brides-to be for some time now and loving it... It's just fun !!  Hence the name Babes and Brides.. Something about babies being born and girls planning their "Big Day" just thrills me.!!  I had two boys and making their special outfits was fun,,,they had to wear little sailer outfits, knickers with tights, bow ties and vests...they were good sports to wear what mama made them..  But sewing for girls, all things pink and purple, ribbons and bows, frilly and lacey was ...well alot more fun!   So every chance I got to sew for babies, little girls, or brides-to-be, I took it.  I have made christening gowns, wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses, veils, bonnets.  I have altered over one hundred gowns and learned alot in the process...soooo now I'm opening a little Etsy shop so I can sew the things I love and reach more people doing it..