Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Very Cherry Swap

ooooo this swap was FUN!!!  We were paired up for this swap, meaning we knew who we were making for and receiving from.  My partner was Kristen who blogs over at Bobby Pin Bandit.  and does tutorials on Feeling Stitchy.  She is one talented sewist/stitcher!! 

We emailed a few time, I stalked her blog, her pins and her IG feed, and this is what I came up with,,,,

There was so many cute "Cherry" ideas, I wanted to make them all!! I hand pieced and quilted the table topper. She loves hexies too, so I made a few coasters, and one might need a mug rug with a sweet vintage embroidered birdie in a cherry tree, you never know!! She recently moved to a new place, so I thought a bright cherry tea towel was in order,,,,,,so you can see I had a LOT of fun making this swap package.  Then, because Kristen is the awesome stitcher she is, I thought she might like a project book to tote her "on the go" items around with her.

This is what I received!!!!

 The parcel had cherry tape on it, so cool, and opening each individually wrapped item was so much fun.  She stalked me well, I love bags, hexies, pincushions, all the different cherry fabrics,,,so bright and cheery!!

That pincushion, aaaah too cute, hoop art with a beautifully stitched K and a mini cherry brooch, Love it all so much.

She even stitched on a hexie of the zippy pouch!!

Cute flower hexies on the book bag tote,,, which I have already put to use,,,carrying my "on the go" knitting supplies around!! 

This was such a fun swap, I'm a little sad it's over.  But I met a super new friend,, we both had fun creating cherry-licious goodies, and we were both very happy with our gifts.  Pop on over and say hi to Kristen, check out her fun tutorials, or if you would like a cherry brooch of your own she sells them in her Etsy Shop!!

I can't believe it's October already,,,can you!!  Maybe something a little fall-ish next time.

Until then
Happy Stitching

xx's Kim

The project book was made using Comfortstitching's-ProjectBookPouch pattern on Etsy with a few of my own moderations.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It has arrived.....

The days are shorter, the temps are cooler, the leaves are starting to turn, and the garden is just about done.....a few fall flowers.....  I've been canning relish, jam and salsa......  We are already into the third week of online school.......and I've been working on a few items for my Very Cherry Swap partner.   I don't know if she follows me here so I can't show too much, but once she gets it I'll share more.    

Oh, and I had some happy mail today,,,,,

Sew excited to dig in and start a on few projects from these books!!!  
 Shorter days = more time for sewing/quilting,  I think I can live with that!!

How is your fall shaping up?

 Until next time
Happy Fall Stitching

xx's   Kim

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Flowering Snowball Quilt

I got her done!!  Well except for putting it in the wash/dryer for the cozy crinkley effect.....

Even though this was a smaller quilt, only 50" x 50", I was down to the wire getting it finished,,,,I was stitching the binding on at mid-night last night!!   Since my daughter Sami claimed this quilt, ( you can read about the WIP here,)  she chose the fabric for the binding.  I didn't think it matched very well, but that's what she wanted sooo,,,,,,it's on and she is very happy with it.  I'm learning  that as long as a quilt (or any hand-crafted item for that matter) makes your Heart Smile it's good, even if it's not perfect!!  

I loved making this quilt, and seeing so many different ones in the sew-along is inspiring!!  I definitely  will be making another Flowering Snowball quilt,,,for me!  Mary is having a wrap-up of the sew-along over on her blog, if you get a chance you really must go have a peek all the wonderfully different Flowering Snowball quilts that were made.

Happy Quilty Weekend

xx's  Kim

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP Wednessday

Mary of Molly Flanders Makerie had a Flowering Snowball quilt-along.  Soooo in between the swaps, and the gardening, and summer activities I've been poking away at this....

It's quite a fun block, and the curves weren't a problem at all.

As soon as my daughter saw it, she claimed it!!  Since it will be used as a cuddle blanket for the couch I kept it smaller. 
50" x 50"

I'm using two different color thread for the hand quilting,,,

I'm happy with it so far and she Loves it.

I'm more than half done with the quilting,,,at this point I really get excited about putting the binding on - it's my fave part!!  Which is a good thing because the 24th of August is the show off day for the Flowering Snowball quilt-along.  With any luck I'll get this baby done!!

If you want to have a go at this quilt head on over to Mary's blog.  She has the templates and will walk you through the process, or just pop over to see all her lovely makes!!

Hope you are having a guilty-kinda week
Until next time

xx's  Kim

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Strawberry Swap

This was another IG swap,,,hosted by @frampuna.  Obviously the theme was everything and anything 'Strawberry'!!  How fun is that?

This is what I put in the mail yesterday...

My partner said she likes Hello Kitty...

I just couldn't resist making one of these cuties!!

And a Strawberry Pincushion of course,,,,

My second go at paper piecing...Strawberries for a Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented

I love this bag, hopefully I will get one made for me LOL!!

And this is what I received from the Brandi @peaceofmequilts!!

Everything Strawberry!!  The hand soap is at my kitchen sink, the candle in my sewing area, the note pad next to my computer, and the candies are GONE!!! hehe

And not one but TWO awesome mini quilts!!!

Isn't the background fabric on this wonderful?  I LOVE it.  They will be a cute addition to my Wall of Mini's!!  I promise, when I get them all up I'll take a picture and post it so you can see them.
Thank you Brandi, nice to meet you and I'm enjoying everything so very much!

Until next time
Happy Stitching

xx's  Kim

If you are on IG, let me know so I can follow, you can follow me @babesandbrides

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Summer of Swaps

With our winter being so long and cold last year, I was totally ready for summer!  Warmer weather, longer days and gardening, I joined in on a few swaps.  They sounded like too much fun to pass up on, and always a great way to make new online sewing friends!

The first one, a Mini Quilt Swap was hosted by the very talented and creative Kristi of Schnitzel & Boo.  This was my first swap with what I call The Big Girls!, you know, the well known, very inspiring quilters/crafters of the blogging world!  (Well in my mind that's how I see it, lol)  This turned out to be just an amazing swap, there were over 600 entrants, (What was she thinking!?)  So many ladies, so much fun, inspiration and a good time was had by all.  My partner was Marlena.  She liked bright colors and stars.  After much debating I ended up making this...

The Star was my first time paper piecing, and I chose a gray background to make the brights 'pop'!

Added my signature... hand embroidery and quilting.

Last minute quilt label.

She is a giraffe lover, so I made this for an added gifty.

Charlene of The Cotton Farm, also Kristi's Mom,  sent me this wonderful package.

She totally got it right...pink, aqua, gnomes- eeek so cute!!

She also sent the pattern along, and challenged me to making it!  So I totally have to at least try,,, maybe this winter Charlene!

Charlene runs a long arm quilting and custom embroidery business, so she add some wonderful embroidery to this cute little sewing book!!  Isn't it just wonderful!!  I love the button too.

 And all the goodies inside...I felt I was a very luck lady!!

This was an awesome swap,,, met new people, tried new techniques, and received "happy mail", and I had a blast doing it.  

Hope your week is going well
Until next time

xx's  Kim

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Union Jack Quilt

I met Miss Paula in Stitches, I believe, on IG....Any how through a little give away of hers I received two lovely little pieces of her embroidery handiwork. 

This one is just perfect for me!!  I Love it.

This is just awesome,,,,maybe some fall decorating is in my future!

This little card she sent along, my daughter and I collect Pooh, so this will go into our collection of "Pooh Stuff"!
Thank you very much Miss Paula!

I wanted to make something for her in return,,she doesn't quilt so I decided on something "quilted",,,,and knowing she loves all things British, I made her a Union Jack quilt for her "Britain Room" (She actually has a room just for all her British trinkets)!!!

I made it a little "Shabby", well because that's just my way!!

As you can see, this was after the snow melted but before spring really sprung...

I hand quilted it,,,

Rolled and ready to ship.

I used a couple of different patterns/tutorials I found around the web.   I found it trickier than I thought it would be, but I got it done and sent 3 months after I started,, yikes!!  But in the end Miss Paula was very happy with it,,,,,and that's what counts, right?!!!

Hope your week is going well,
Until next time,

xx' Kim

P.S.  I couldn't get pictures to sync or upload so it took a bit longer to get back here.